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the pispyness...

Jacob got a PSP. A pretty shiny silver slim one.

I want to play Brave Story and he's screwing around with it trying to figure out how to full size videos. Goddamnit.

It's funny isn't it? I must have said many times how stupid the things are and then I find myself wanting one since I found a game for it that I really enjoy... hmm.

FFVII or Star Ocean special version, I'd play the games even if they are in Japanese! ...or even just a Felicia Blue (I secretly like the lavender >.>; shhh)...

Screen cover, special cleaning cloth, and a case. I'd protect the crap out of it. LOL. It's all just talk though, I'll never own one.

And, yea, when I say it it sounds like pisp cause saying PeeEspee is weird! Yep.


I really used to look forward to Halloween, hoping that year I could get a nice costume.
It never ended up that way though, did it? But the costume is the main point of the holiday, not the candy. I guess it is fun to see what you'll get though.

It'll be just another day. I hate old age.

Youth really is wasted on the young, isn't it?

This is Halloween, in Japanese and GermanCollapse )
It's the end of the world as we know it...

Or just getting near the end of the year, but I can already feel it. I really do hate it more and more every year. They only go downhill from here, right?

You're The Return of the King!

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Against all odds, not only will you survive every ordeal before you,
but no one you know will even get so much as a scratch. In a world where might makes
right, you believe yourself to have both firmly entrenched on your side. Spiders are
likely to pose a great threat, but even they need not be feared. When in doubt, enlist
the help of ghosts.

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Hi little forgotten piece of the internet. Did you miss me?

There's a reason I haven't written. I don't want to write anything sad and yet... I only want to write when I'm sad. Why is that? Maybe I want to pretend someone's reading and that they care. Does that make me less alone? Am I even alone anyway or is that just in my mind. I don't know.

Who am I? What am I anyway? What am I doing here anyway? I don't know.

I'm mostly fine so it doesn't really matter. So I'm okay, right? I should probably delete this, but I'll post it anyway. I guess it's proof I'm still here.
I'm in a good mood after talking to my grandparents and I'm really looking forward to visiting them next summer. I really hope it works out. It's nice calling every so often just to see how things are even though there never is much to talk about. My grandmother has been really nice and it's a lot easier to get along with my grandfather now.

Who would have thought I'd ever look forward to receiving socks and underwear? Now it seems like such a thoughful and caring thing. Hehe. Socks and underwear! Wootness!

I never have figured out where socks and underwear disappear to... Is it space? Does something eat them? Do they implode? Walk off on their own? Hmmm... someday I'll find out and then I'll be rich! *victory pose*

(\ /)
Who do you want to be with you when you die?
Spider-Man is on tv now, the first movie. I've decided I'm not going near Spider-Man 3. I won't touch it with a 10 foot pole and wearing a hazmat suit. No. No fucking way in hell. Nothing against Topher or his acting but there is no fucking way he is Eddie. No. He is not the Eddie I know and have loved since my childhood. He is not Venom. I don't care what kind of acting abilities he has, he can't do it because he just isn't right for the role. But then you know they'd fuck him over, they did it in the cartoon too. Venom is teh hot Lethal Protector. Then again it seems they've screwed him over in more recent comics too, if Wiki is anything to go by. I hate the way comics are though... all the alternate trash that goes in retarded directions and screws with the characters. Seems they gave him cancer and even had him slit his wrists in an alley in one of these. WTF!?

I could watch this forever... x_x So great.
Sometimes it's nice to watch or read something fluffy and cute or something aimed towards children. Something you can enjoy without over thinking.

I want carrots.
I'm not strong at all... there just isn't anyone around when I break down.

Jacob is probably going to lose his car. At first I got really worried and my mind started trying to think of anyway of getting the money to save it. Why should I even think that way? It's not my car and it seems I care more than he does. "Why should I freak out over something I can't change?" It was something like that... but I don't like that way of thinking.

Didn't I say that I didn't want other people's problems to control my life? Yet it's always the same. I'm not strong.

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